One thing that life always – or should always – bring with the passing of the years is the gaining of knowledge. It’s not necessarily the same thing as ‘wisdom’ but it can certainly be a step or two in that direction. My own life has seen me constantly drawn into the mystical world of […]

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Spring has Sprung

Spring has finally arrived! It was a mild winter by British standards, I guess, and following last week’s sad news about Sir Terry P it ended on a very low note for me. But there was a man who wanted nothing more than for the likes of you and I to smile – and to […]

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Terry RIP

This is a tough one. Maybe the toughest yet – and that includes anything I wrote after my diagnosis. I finished work here at home on Thursday afternoon, happy that I had achieved all I’d set out to do, and content in the knowledge that even if I can’t run (or dance) any more, at […]

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Jive Talking

Talking is good, right? Well, up to a point – or more specifically, it’s good when it tells the whole story. A little learning, though, really can be a dangerous thing. This past week has been a case in point, and one that’s very much true to my own heart. It’s no big news to […]

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It’s A Small World

It used to be a phrase associated with unexpected and unlikely coincidences. We might meet a fellow explorer in the wilds of some far-flung, exotic outpost of the planet and it really would be a complete surprise because it was so remote a possibility.For my generation it was often the case that our parents had, […]

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Who Did It?

More properly pronounced WHO Did It?, British soap opera writers have proved again this week that they can not only write well but write believably and shockingly. Bobby Ewing only qualified on one of those three fronts (waking up, indeed) but Bobby Beale has hit the soap bingo jackpot with all three (not to mention earning a shed-load of […]

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Guilty Pleasures

Back in the days of my youth – when I had  lot more hair and the facial stuff didn’t display quite so much snowy colouring – I used to more or less court controversy with my tastes and views. In my last year at school I even ‘stood’ as the candidate for the least supported […]

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