The Next Wobbly Step

So, what have you been doing, I hear you ask. Or rather, wishfully think that you might ask. It’s been a long three months since my last blog post and truth to tell, I must admit that I have missed the weekly distraction – and often frustration – that accompanied my frantic scribblings. But that’s […]

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One Year

I guess that this week people will be celebrating (if that’s the right word) the anniversary. More specifically, the first anniversary of me posting my drivel on a blog – or maybe VE Day, I suppose. Both are, of course, momentous events although I will grant that maybe – just maybe – one of them […]

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Little by Little

Finding sufficient energy – even when time allows – has become something of an energy-zapping struggle in its own right thanks to the wonders of MS (as in, I wonder what it will do to me next). And by ‘sufficient’, I mean anything more than the calories needed to breathe. At least I can sit […]

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Everything In Its Place

And so it comes to pass – the move to downstairs living is complete (give or take a lick of paint – on the walls, not me), all the junk is junked, my new website is published, I have a nicely organised ‘to do’ list, my car is replaced, and I have Quoth the Raven […]

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Weekends (or Tired Feet)

They’re not really homophones – weekend and weakened – but they seem to share the same sound in my head these days, as well as having very similar meanings. And you can add ‘weak ends’ to that collection since it very much feels as is my feet are ready to drop off. Regular readers (surely there must […]

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Moving On Down

A relatively short post this week – stop cheering back there – because I’m still embroiled in an MS-related requirement. Nice word isn’t it? Embroiled. And somehow, rather appropriate. They say that moving is somewhat stressful – akin to being held responsible for the annihilation of an entire race – or to be less hyperbolic, […]

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