The Next Wobbly Step

So, what have you been doing, I hear you ask. Or rather, wishfully think that you might ask. It’s been a long three months since my last blog post and truth to tell, I must admit that I have missed the weekly distraction – and often frustration – that accompanied my frantic scribblings. But that’s […]

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One Year

I guess that this week people will be celebrating (if that’s the right word) the anniversary. More specifically, the first anniversary of me posting my drivel on a blog – or maybe VE Day, I suppose. Both are, of course, momentous events although I will grant that maybe – just maybe – one of them […]

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Guilty Pleasures

Back in the days of my youth – when I had  lot more hair and the facial stuff didn’t display quite so much snowy colouring – I used to more or less court controversy with my tastes and views. In my last year at school I even ‘stood’ as the candidate for the least supported […]

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Dig the Digital

Even for an old relic like me, the modern world offers some fascinating advances – and ones which make all sorts of things possible. The older I get, the more I’ve come to realise that some things change naturally and for the better – although some older truths simply become more evident – and it’s […]

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The Show Must go On

My post last week got a whole heap more reaction than I had anticipated – and around 99% of it was very positive, a real success. Unfortunately, the same level of accomplishment in predicting this week’s lottery numbers wasn’t quite so evident, so I’m back at they keyboard for another seven days at least. The […]

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God Save Queen

It’s been a real mix of factors that prompted my post this week – and all of them good in one way or another. Regular readers of my eclectic mix of posts will know that I recently received a number of boxes that were stored for me in my former home in Luxembourg. Among them […]

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