One Year

I guess that this week people will be celebrating (if that’s the right word) the anniversary. More specifically, the first anniversary of me posting my drivel on a blog – or maybe VE Day, I suppose. Both are, of course, momentous events although I will grant that maybe – just maybe – one of them […]

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Who 2

Or possibly, Who too. I’m moved to change my plans for this week’s post and to re-visit the Doctor after my post last week received more hits than the previous eight put together (thank you) – it seems not everyone agrees with my verdict on Peter Capaldi’s incarnation though… My opinion was, broadly, that he’s […]

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Who he?

I’ve discovered that one of the few benefits that comes with being clapped out… I mean, of more mature years… is that I have been fortunate enough to experience a lot of things for a lot longer than my younger friends. A major claim to ‘fame’ along those lines is that I am old enough […]

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