One Year

I guess that this week people will be celebrating (if that’s the right word) the anniversary. More specifically, the first anniversary of me posting my drivel on a blog – or maybe VE Day, I suppose.

Both are, of course, momentous events although I will grant that maybe – just maybe – one of them affects the general populous more than the other. But from a personal perspective – as long as I don’t think too much about the consequences of there never having been a VE Day (or at least, not one celebrated in the UK) – my personal first date of note has a much more significant feel to it.

In truth, I never expected to write more than a few words, maybe once a month or when something of note happened – but I had failed to realise that a) some people do actually read these things and b) enjoy them or at least react to them and c) I am so full of sh… words.

This is post number fifty-two – very nearly one for every year of my life (yes, very nearly, not ‘still a dozen to go then’) – and I have covered my original topic (Multiple Sclerosis) a few times but in the main I have looked at books, music, pets, cars, sport, television and even such meaningless things as General Elections and death.

Perhaps most significantly from my point of view is that it has brought me an awareness of the power of social media in these interweb-thingy dominated days. To see your own blog post being read on a mobile phone at a train station is an eye-opener, to say the least (as well as being rather nice, especially as I don’t think I even knew the person). It has even been a significant factor in my decision to build my own website and look to the written word as a potential future some day.

Even just typing that last paragraph makes me think that I should pop a link to my site into the text since that sort of thing has become the norm in these interweb-thingy enlightened days. My natural modesty (will you please stop giggling!) fights against such blatant  self publicity, though. But at least it loses… my website is there and my collected blog posts are also in the site and can be found here as well – my collected posts.

One or two of the posts do look at the rise and importance of modern technology – and for someone of my age, there is still an element of surprise at every development – and just how much I can achieve in order to embrace such things. Another evidently news-worthy item helps demonstrate that and ties the whole anniversary thing together with a neatness I find unusually odd. Just eight days ago our second-in-line to the throne of this country was delivered of a second child, the Princess Charlotte, and it brought home the fact to me that our current Queen will, later this year, become the longest serving monarch this country has ever seen.

Queen Elizabeth the second has been the monarch since not that long before I was born (eight years), and that was little more than seven years after the original VE Day. I have been writing my posts for less than 2% of the time she has been our monarch… time is a funny thing.

In all probability I will not live long enough to see the young princess’s elder brother, George, become our king, and the jury is firmly out as to whether I will even see the coronation of her father, William. Mind you, at this rate I may not even live long enough to see Charles take the throne…

Anyway, for as long as I am around, I fully intend to keep writing these collections of drivel/thought, although starting this second year, I am considering altering the format so that they will appear less frequently but with greater depth. It has already been requested of me to write some longer pieces about specific subjects – prompted by my most ‘popular’ articles on another Queen (the band), and my days of hiding behind the back of the sofa (Doctor Who, not MS).

We shall, as they say. see – but the idea appeals, especially as it starts to better integrate with my long-term plans to take to my chair and write more, and more fully. I am certainly still full of words and, as I’ve said on these pages before, time lends better understanding and a better perspective (if you allow it the space).

I’m always open to suggestions, though….


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