Newsletter No. 5 (or #5)

There are consequences to every action we make – even the successful ones. So… here’s monthly newsletter number five, on time and in order – but the ongoing prognosis for future newsletters has been improved yet further since my publisher, Regency Rainbow, have decided that these scribbles should now be a joint venture. That’s not […]

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Newsletter No. 4 (or #4)

So far, and it’s still ‘still so good’. My plan to make newsletters a regular monthly event has lasted to issue 4 now… and, another ‘still’, still so regular, as well. May has proved to be the same so my hopes are now set on June… After the rather frenetic first third of the year […]

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Newsletter No. 3 (or #3)

So far, still so good. My plan to make newsletters a regular monthly event has lasted to issue 3 now… and so far, still so regular, as well. May May be the same… After two new publications so far this year and the republication of the two volumes that comprise The Diary of Horace Wilt, […]

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Newsletter No. 2 (or #2)

So far, so good. My plan to make newsletters a regular monthly event has lasted to issue 2 at least… and so far, so regular, as well. My newsletter last month focused on the recent launch of my favourite book, The Diary of Horace Wilt, which had been republished earlier that month. This month, by […]

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Hammer to Fall

I normally write blogs with an underlying lightness or even in outright humorous tones, but this one has no room for humour of any kind. This is written with a very straight face because… I haven’t made much comment about [expletive deleted] Brexit – until now. Mostly because I’ve been waiting for perhaps the most […]

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Newsletter No.1 (or #1)

Given all the activity that’s finally happening – new books, republications, general pandemonium and the like – I’m going to be combining all the news and plans into a regular (ahem) newsletter… So, what’s going to be ‘regular’? Well… my plan was to start with monthly newsletters at the end of each month from this […]

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Coming Soon!

…on the 26th of this month the two volumes that make up The Diary of Horace Wilt (The W-w-wonder Years and The W-w-wilderness Years) are going to hit the shelves in their republished formats

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New Publisher, New Book

  The name of the site does kinda give it away, doesn’t it? I like to write – and in fact, I do write. As this blog proves, I like people to read what I write as well, and to that end I have decided to re-enter the wonderful world of novels.  In truth it […]

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The Next Wobbly Step

So, what have you been doing, I hear you ask. Or rather, wishfully think that you might ask. It’s been a long three months since my last blog post and truth to tell, I must admit that I have missed the weekly distraction – and often frustration – that accompanied my frantic scribblings. But that’s […]

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One Year

I guess that this week people will be celebrating (if that’s the right word) the anniversary. More specifically, the first anniversary of me posting my drivel on a blog – or maybe VE Day, I suppose. Both are, of course, momentous events although I will grant that maybe – just maybe – one of them […]

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